Federal Hill Club Rules

2018 RULES

1. Each member must do their part to help keep the club facilities and property neat and clean. ALL members have the following responsibilities:

2. Do not sit on the deck railing or on top of the tables. Do not stand on the chairs or tables.

3. For safety reasons, park all vehicles to the right of the driveway on the clubhouse side. DO NOT PARK on the poolside of the drive or main-house lawn. DO NOT BLOCK VIEW OF THE POOL WALKWAY or DO NOT BLOCK THE DRIVEWAYS AT ANY TIME.

4. No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, skates etc., are allowed in the pool/deck area or on the tennis courts.

5. Cornhole, croquet and other lawn games (other than ball) may be played in the rental house yard outside the pool area. Please be mindful of our tenants and keep a respectful distance from the rental house. We kindly ask that any games of ball (baseball, football, soccer, or kick ball, etc.) be done on grounds outside the tennis court/ and play areas and not in the rental house yard.

6. No pets are to be brought to the club by members or guests.

7. Alcohol may not be left at the club.

8. Club members are not authorized to use the lake. It is not on our property.

9. Club members or guests are not permitted to hunt on club property.

10. Horseback riding on club property is not permitted without prior written and verbal permission with specific limits. Contact Jeff Frazier at 598-0335 to request review.

11. The alcohol laws of Virginia apply at Federal Hill Club. To maintain a family environment, koozies and cups are encouraged.

12. Smoking is permitted in designated areas at the deep end of the pool, on the back deck or outside the fence only and is not at the shallow end, while sitting pool side or while in the pool. Smoking is prohibited at the Tiki Hut or on the Tiki Hut decking.

13. The last person to leave each day/night should drop all umbrellas, remove any floating objects left in the pool, shut off all lights (including tennis court lights), music and close the gates.

1. A local resident that is a non-member may be a guest at the club only once a week (Monday-Sunday).

2. Members must accompany and be responsible for their guest and enforce club rules at all times.

3. Please utilize only 1 area (1 table and 1 area) when you have guests.

4. Youth under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a member adult at all times while using club facilities.

5. No one under the age of 21 is allowed on the Federal Hill Club premises after 10:00 pm unless they are accompanied by a parent member.

6. No one under the age of 16 may have a guest without a parent member present.

7. Dependents (over the age of 16) should not have more than 1 guest without a parent member present.

8. Single members should have no more than 3 guests at any given time.

9. Babysitters and caregivers to member children may bring the member child as often as you desire. However, a member that is a sitter or caregiver may not bring non members to the club more than once per week.

10. Gatherings of 10 or more (including your family in this number) constitute a party. See below for party requests.

11. Fees for guests are voluntary and may be dropped in the Guest Donation box located on the outside of the
pool house. Recommended fee is $5/guest/visit.

12. The deep freeze should not be used for beer or alcohol; this is reserved for ice and ice pops only. Please
bring your coolers!

1. Parties at the pool are allowed, with the following restrictions:

1. The clubhouse will be locked at all times. Adult members may request their own key from Membership officer, Donna Smith (794-5428).

2. Adult member(s) must supervise their children and guests while they are using the clubhouse facility. Children under the age of 14 are not to be alone in the club house. An adult member must be present when children are in the clubhouse.

3. Members are responsible for the clean-up of the club house facilities after its use. Please lock the doors as
you leave.

4. Smoking in the in the Clubhouse is prohibited.

5. Group Use of Clubhouse Facilities

1. NO running or pushing allowed in the pool area.

2. NO tampering with pool filters, skimmers, safety equipment or water supply system.

3. The following items are not allowed in the pool: chewing gum, barrettes or hairpins, rocks, small toys, diving
sticks or other small items that could cause clogging of the filter system.

4. Children using flotation devices must remain in the shallow end of the pool.

5. NO diving in the shallow end of the pool.

6. Safety equipment (rescue hook, safety flotation ring, etc.,) is not to be touched unless there is an
emergency. All equipment must remain displayed in the pool area.

7. NO glass is permitted in or around the pool area.

8. NO food in the pool or at the pool’s edge.

9. NO excessive splashing or throwing of water from the pool.

10. No jumping, standing on or stacking of pool furniture. No jumping or diving from furniture, fences or

11. No smoking in the buildings or at the shallow end of the pool where children play. Smoking in or at the Tiki
Hut or on the Tiki Hut decking is prohibited. Smoking is also not allowed “in” the pool or while sitting on the
pools edge.

12. Smoking is permitted at the deep end area at designated tables, back deck or outside the fence. Areas
where smoking is allowed will have signs of designation.

13. No water balloons or “silly string” of any type allowed inside the pool area or pool. Frisbee, balls of any
kind* (other than beach or pool balls) will not be allowed in the pool or inside the fenced pool area. *Sports
balls, squirt guns, water balloons, silly string. These items may be used on courts or play areas.

14. Single person floats only will be allowed in the pool; 2-man or large floats are prohibited

13. The pool must be vacated immediately when there is a threat of bad weather.

15. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Do not swim alone; children swimming must be supervised by an adult at all
1. Users of the tennis courts must abide by the rules posted at the tennis court.

2. No one allowed on the tennis courts without appropriate athletic shoes.

3. All trash, metal tops, tennis balls, etc. should be removed. Nothing is to be left at the courts or on the
benches. Equipment and balls should be replaced in the appropriate bin.

4. If others are waiting, limit play to 1 hour.

5. Adults (age 21+) have priority on the courts after 6:00 PM and on holidays and weekends.

6. No skateboards, skates, bicycles, scooters, etc. allowed on the courts at any time.

1. Any chronic or severe infraction of rules by members and/or their guests of any age will be referred to the
Federal Hill Club Board for consideration and immediate action including possible suspension of club use
and privileges. Should this happen, the member will forfeit any dues paid to the club.

2. The following disciplinary procedure will be used in dealing with adult members or youth who are breaking
any of the general rules, attendance rules, club house rules, pool rules or tennis rules.

Operating Board Board of Directors
Chair Contact # Contact #
President/Membership Donna Smith 405-8188
Vice President Jeff Frazier 598-0335 Ryan Gorman 400-4521
Secretary Jeanne Ashman 878-8056
Treasurer Cat Gorman 306-4357
Social Allen Dodd 804-852-2929
Facilities Manager Mike Cathey 213-6330
Pool Manager Tammy Habersack

Federal Hill Club 2632A Judes Ferry Rd Powhatan, Virginia 23139
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